Published 22.5.2004 | Last update 7.7.2019

Compared to other European countries, Austria seems to have a very relaxed attitude to speeding offenses.

The numbers below are based on the so-called “Anonymverfügung”  or “Organmandate” which only comes into play if the offence is considered minor. Major offences means court.
The data below are not complete and may have errors. And there are no data on license withdrawals on a motorway. Please comment below if you know more.

The important numbers :
Limit – km/h 50 100 130
Fine +21km/h(1 €50 €50 €50
Fine +41km/h(1 €160 ? ?
LICENSE, 2-6 weeks 91 151 181*
*) Data are uncertain
1) Based on OM, see below
Member of the European cross-country fine cooperation. Any traffic fine may arrive at your home address.
Fines may automatically be shared between Austria, Chech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
In towns (50 km/h and lower): 5 km/h
Outside towns: 5%
Austrian police mens attitude ?
The Daz writes (June, 2003):
“Hi guys, just one comment on the Austrian police mens attitude :
Austian policemen are allowed to estimate the speed. This means they don’t need any further proof (e.g. electronic speed traps, lasers). Especially german folks have a lot of fun with that when travelling via the old Brenner route. It seems like every second biker is pulled over and made pay the fee even if he’s sure he didn’t drive more than the allowed 50 km/h. No point intrying to discuss. Also the fee is well calculated to be just below the limit where it has to reported to the drivers home country. If you don’t have enough cash with you, no problem, they’ll take all the money they can get and you surely wont get any receipt.
This is all personal experience.
Ride on, Harm”
And there is an App for Austrian traffic fines!
Check Google Play for this (Android only)
Austria in detail :
  Violation Fine AV(1
Fine OM(2
+ 1-20 km/h €29-60 €30
+ 21-30 km/h €56-72 €50
+ 31-40 km/h €70-160 €70
LICENSE: 2-6 weeks + 41 km/h €150+ €150+
+ 1-30 km/h €56-90 €50
+ 31-40 km/h €140-160 €70
+ 41-50 km/h €150-300
LICENSE: 2-6 weeks + 51 km/h
+ 1-20 km/h €45 €30
+ 21-30 km/h €60 €50
+ 31 km/h ? ?
LICENSE: ? ? ?
?) Data are unknown, please leave any corrections below.
1) AV, Anonymstrafverfügung. This is special for Austria. You leave the decision to the police, you may pay later – and will stay anonymous.
2) OM, Organmandate. This is the closest you come to a common fine catalog in Austria. You agree and pay on the spot. Case solved.
If you know anything more correct on this, please comment below.
Source: Strafen-Katalog (PDF) via this ÖADC page.
Fines and reactions may change without any warnings.
About points:

Austria has very different system from other countries. It is called “Vormerksystem” and is only used with serious offences. You start with zero points and lose your license when you have reached only 3 points. There 13 different offences that will give you a point – none are related to speeding. Here are some:

  • Drinking and driving with between 0.5 ‰ and 0.8 ‰ blood alcohol
  • Driving too close to the vehicle in front of you
  • Ignoring a red light which results in other drivers  having to take action
  • No safe transport of children

If you break two points at the same time, you may lose the license. Two points within two years will give you a warning. Three points within two years will remove your license for at least three months. After this you start with zero points.
Any point will stay in the registers for two years and will then be removed.

Source: Wikipedia – Entziehung und Neuerteilung der Faherlaubnis – Vormerksystem. Here you will also get the complete list.


  1. Hilario Fadeley
    20.03.2024 @ 15:28

    Your perspective is so refreshing and much needed!


  2. Baerzilla
    04.10.2023 @ 09:41

    Regarding the OM vs AV issue you wanted clarification on:

    If police catches you in person, the maximum amount they can charge you to pay on the spot for minor stuff is 70€, that is the OM. For everything else they need to write up a real ticket, and do the required paperwork.

    If they want to change you more, because it’s a more serious case, or if you got caught by a camera and not a policeman in person you get sent a ticket. (What you call AV).

    That ticket is only anonymous if it’s a minor infraction. For the bigger ones they aren’t anonymous and will ask for info on the driver. (Called Lenkererhebung) Notable here is Austria has a law that makes the owner of the vehicle automatically the responsible one if no info is given on the actual driver. (Halterhaftung)


    • Chtullhu
      13.10.2023 @ 16:00

      Hi, I just got photographed by radar, I saw the flashes. We were on the motorway to Vienna from Graz. We had passed a section where work was being done, and the maximum speed was 80.After the 80th portion was finished, it was cut. I suppose it was the limit of 130, right? I had a speed of 155. Approximately. What can I expect? The car is on the company.


  3. Ranny
    18.01.2023 @ 12:15


    I crossed Austria while visiting Italy in Oct 2022 and today (18th Jan 23) I received a fine for excess speed (18km/h) to my home address @ Ireland. The fine is 180 euros. I feel this is over priced. What should I be doing? Will it be serious offence if I ignore this?


  4. Nikola Drosos
    03.01.2023 @ 07:45


    Just yesterday I got a speeding ticket worth 400€
    Police car in Austrian highway towards Graz got me on a camera how I was forgoing with 100/116 on a part of the road where there was some maintenance with limit 80km
    But where the police officers stopped made a photo of me it was suddenly 60km limit

    When they stoped me and told me what’s up I asked if there is a way to pay the fine on smaller portions in time, or at least to pay it once I go back to my country, they didn’t give me any of these two options, they asked me to pay directly to them by card… what if I didn’t have enough to pay this at once? Was this correct from their side not to give me any other option to pay fine?


  5. N.D.
    03.01.2023 @ 07:29


    Just yesterday I got a speeding ticket worth 400€
    Police car in Austrian highway towards Graz got me on a camera how I was forgoing with 116 on a part of the road where there was some maintenance and from limit 80km suddenly became 60km limit for a short time and exactly there they were sitting under a bridge….

    When they stoped me and told me what’s up i asked them if there is no way for me to pay such a big fine on several payments in time or at least to pay one e I came back to my country. They didn’t give me any other choice but to pay at the same moment.

    Why this fair from their side and is this really correct for not letting me pay later once I come back to my country?


  6. Driver
    03.06.2022 @ 10:48

    Hey, I have a question, I was driving to Czech through Austria and I exceeded the speed limit. Police car stopped me and issued a fine of € 150. Since I am not registered in Austria, the police officer said that the fine could only be accepted in cash, I did not receive any ticket or paperwork confirming the fine from him. Is it normal in Austria to pay fines in this way, or did the police officer just wanted to profit from foreigners?


    • Brad Wetter
      10.06.2022 @ 15:58

      Whenever you pay fines on the spot, you should always receive a receipt from the Police. If they did not give you anything, you should ask for it.


      • Bobby
        05.01.2023 @ 20:01

        I was driving in 177km/h speed on highway and speed camara click the picture of my car. So how much fine I will pay for it.


  7. Margarita
    06.05.2022 @ 12:28

    Hello, I have a question about a speeding ticket I received from Austria, Vienna. I was charged 300€ for speeding 36km above the speeding limit in a residential area (speeding limit is 50km). Is the price of the ticket fair? If not is it possible I have been charged more because I did not pay right away? The ticket never came in a email I received it at my house 4 months after I was fined with it and I could not write an obligation since so much time had passed(the paper wrote I must pay in 2 weeks but I received the ticket after 4 months). Could you please tell me the amount that is fined normally and how much I may have to pay extra due to the time. Thank you for your time.


  8. Ivel
    29.04.2022 @ 10:02

    Hello all,
    We are in Linz, Austria.
    We don’t have a vignette currently as we are only driving within the city, but got a detour by mistake and we ended up on the motorway for some kilometers. So now we wonder if we might have been caught on camera and expect a ticket/fine. Do you know any online site to check? or where should we go to check if we have been fined?

    We have a friend who was driving without a vignette similarly to our case, he got fined, but the fine added a vignette to his car. Is that possible? We want to know so we dont end up with a fine and vignette included, and separately buy additional vignette.

    Thank you!


  9. Ed
    24.04.2021 @ 13:05

    How can I check if I have a speeding ticket in austria or Germany and how can I pay if so


  10. Yana
    21.11.2020 @ 14:58

    How can I check if I have a speed fine in Austria?


  11. Valentyn
    19.07.2020 @ 09:02

    Hello everyone, was driving in Austria and might have broke the speed limit. Is there app or online server where I can check it and possibly pay speeding tickets across all Europe ?


  12. Adam
    22.07.2019 @ 00:03

    Hi everyone,

    I have just returned back from Austria and while driving on the motorway, I had to slow down to 80 due to an accident further up ahead (the limit was displayed on the board above the motorway).

    Once we had passed the accident, I started to speed up and reached 130 km/h and must have traveled about 1 kilometer (maybe even less) before I noticed another sign above the motorway showing that 80 km/h ends there.

    I appreciate that I was at that point speeding, however what is the likelihood of me receiving a ticket as I wasn’t necessarily over the 130 km/h limit and the obstacle was already behind me?

    Anyone have any experience?



    • snoopy
      22.10.2019 @ 12:57

      6 month in case the car is not registered in EU.


  13. A1223
    08.04.2019 @ 20:34

    I get speed ticket on highway in Austria 200€
    I was driving 150.
    Is it normal or there is mistake??


  14. Visar Osmani
    13.03.2019 @ 20:14

    I was driving in Austria ikon 15th of July 2018 and I have just received a speeding fine today’s days is 13th of March 2019, I thought they had 28 days to send you the letter is this valid?


  15. Vladislav
    13.12.2018 @ 21:31

    About tolerance:

    in towns at least in Upper Austria it is 5 km/h since September 2018

    Outside towns for 100 km/h and higher speed limit – 5% tolerance
    (info from 2015

    The tolerance for 70 and 80 km/h is still unclear to me, but I would assume 5%. I didn’t manage to find any nfo on that in StVO (“traffic law”).


    • SpeedingEurope Team
      19.12.2018 @ 13:42

      Thank you! Your info is now included.


      • ronen
        14.07.2022 @ 08:57

        how can i pay it on line with credit card?


  16. BigSexy703
    13.12.2018 @ 00:24

    There seems to be a real issue paying a ticket internationally from a non-EU country. This is how I do it from the U.S. and it should be somewhat similar in U.S. or Canada.
    You get the email with the fee from the car company, which they debit you. Then attached is another email that is the “mail” from the authorities. That is the email to dissect.

    Okay, hop on your online banking and enable wire transfers. Just click on it and that usually activates it. Then you need to add the recipient (the authorities). Click on the recipient as a “business” and not individual. The business is the bank name the section that looks like a US car registration. Top line. The last one I did was “Raiffeisenbank Klosterneuburg.” Change the country to Austria and the address stuff opens. This is where they make it difficult. They don’t put the physical address and state on the payment info section. So, Google search “Raiffeisenbank Klosterneuburg.” In my case, there were three branches in Klosterneuburg. I selected the first. I got the street address, then the city is Klosterneuburg, and then, again, if you don’t know the state, Google it. Type in “state that Klosterneuburg is in Austria.” (you might have a different bank and location, but same deal). Put the state in. A

    At some point there, they ask for the BIC number and to confirm the bank. Click it and confirm. Then, they will want the IBAN number. You type it in twice. Do it in the format it gives as an example. It’s usually “AT55 323670040000232.” That’s an example format. The ticket will read like AT55 3236 7004 0000 0232. Yeah, another way to throw you off.

    At this point, you can confirm the recipient and they should be added to businesses/people you can wire money to. Hit the send money button and pick the bank. Send it in Euros. It will translate your cost in USD’s. You must add your ticket number (ex. 198180931443″ or they will not apply it to your ticket. That’s it or you can get fancy and put the license plate number in. Confirm, Send, Print a receipt. Keep it with you the next time you go to Austria. If it goes through and you don’t owe anymore, they tend not to send anymore emails, but just in case.

    Hope this helps. If anybody has a problem, you can shoot me a mail. I don’t know why they make it rough the first time, but they do. They leave out several points of info and a lot of people actually think they’re getting a piece of physical mail even though, it’s already in the same email.


  17. Dan
    17.11.2018 @ 06:45

    *drink driving question*

    I went a mates house and had 2 beers, which i knew was more than allowed… But I mean, it’s just 2 beers!! Anyway, got pulled and now have a ticket saying i blew 0.34 and the Polizei said there’ll be a fine in the post… any idea how much i’m looking at paying?


    • Aisling Kyte
      26.03.2019 @ 01:02

      Hey Dan – what did this end up costing you? Just happened to a friend of mine today!


    • HGV
      26.10.2020 @ 17:57

      If it was me you lose your licence for good. Only 2 beers are 2 beers end of story mate. You shouldn’t drink at all before driving. Its easy, i ve never driven after drink.


    • Aleksandr
      20.05.2022 @ 15:39

      Very sorry to hear it, I do agree that they’re too stringent on DUIs in Europe. The only good thing going with the UK is you guys still have the .08 BAC limit left, which is reasonable and allows decent people to take one or two pints and live a normal life!

      How did it go? Hopefully they weren’t too harsh on you.


    • Michael
      13.06.2022 @ 20:22

      The same thing happened to me, and now I am waiting for the fine. How much was the fine and how soon did you receive it? Thank you!


  18. Norman SChulberg
    02.10.2018 @ 23:14

    Today,  the 2nd October 2018 near Salzburg I was driving my motor home passed a sign with 80 crossed out. Apparently I was shown by radar gun that I was travelling at 86klm in a 50 Kim area. The single policeman deducted 86 from 50 which left a 36 Kim over the speed limit. Now, let me say this.. I’m not disagreeing with my speed as I simply didn’t see the sign but I was charged 210 EUros on the spot which I thought was a bit harsh. tHe policeman said that had I been driving at 90 Kim my licence would have been confiscated? Anyway, I paid the fine by cash as he took me to a cash line. Do you think I was overcharged? I am a UK CItizen driving a UK vehicle.


    • Remy
      27.03.2019 @ 23:59

      Sounds about right. 210 is very cheap, in Norway it would be thousands of Euros. It’s not uncommon for licenses to be permanently suspended (meaning you have to go through the licensing procedure again from step one, like a novice) even in cases of foreign drivers in many European countries. It definitely happens in Slovenia. Participants of the Gumball rally who were caught doing 160 in a 100 zone in the Netherlands had to retake their theory and driving test once returning to their home countries, and lost their cars as well.


  19. lynn
    17.09.2018 @ 10:54

    how long to process the speeding fine payment by credit card? I  have sent my credit card payment form almost 1 month, so  far no any news updated?


  20. Nat
    27.08.2018 @ 05:03

    I was driving during night time between 22 and 6 on a10. I knew speed camera was there but did not know there is different speed limit during night. It’s not 130 but 110 kmh. After I got flashed (soon after passing villach in direction Salzburg) I saw big sign that said there is speed limit difference in night time. I didn’t see it before. I was driving 130 with tempomat. Or did I miss understud that sign and actually there is not difference in speed limit for cars but I just missed 100kmh speed limit sign? Dose anyone know what will be the fine?


    • elliott mullins-hammond
      21.09.2018 @ 00:45

      yes at night the speed limit is reduced due to the humidity apparently


  21. Gauri Shetye
    27.06.2018 @ 07:20

    We have received a letter that is  in German but on translating it we understand they are requesting to confirm who was driving the car. This happened in Salzburg and we were aware that the camera flashed. Now I had expected a speeding ticket, not something like this.  In the address section it says it is from BH salzurg- Ungebung criminal cases. Is this something to be worried about? Can anyone help?


  22. Yuri
    11.05.2018 @ 21:29

    Hi, is it possible to check the Austria traffic offence for a specific car through the web?


  23. alex
    11.02.2018 @ 08:18

    hello.i get today some flashes behind of me . i was have 70-74 km/h in 50 zone. How i know how much i have to pay and where? , because i am just travelling .thank you!


  24. Dezza
    09.12.2017 @ 19:26

    Hi, I’ve just received a speeding ticket that happened in September. Just outside Vienna heading into Vienna on the A2 next to SCS, it starts to be a 100km zone. However on that night the overhead signs with the speed limit where off and there are no metal signs. I was done at that time doing 129kmph which I thought was the speed limit at the time since signs where off. Does anyone know how I can prove that the signs where off/broken? I have 4 witnesses in my car. Wish they just use the old metal signs still. The fine is 80€ and wondering if to just pay it or worth fighting.


  25. Marbacca
    19.09.2017 @ 02:22

    I just received a letter from our car rental agency (we rented in Germany and drove through Austria to Vienna) from June saying that they charged our credit card a $25 “administration fee” and that we would be getting a notice of the cost of the violation in the  mail. The accompanying letter was in German and from what I could translate with Google it said we were going 159 in a 100 km/h construction zone (I am assuming this is what was meant). I doubt we were ever going that fast, our drive to Vienna was in traffic. Does anyone know what the fine will be? It was actually our friend who was driving, but my husband got the letter, they were both registered to drive the car.  I am reading also that anything over 40 km/h is a criminal proceeding? How does this all work, we live in America!!


    • eric sobremonte
      27.09.2017 @ 19:34

      hello,would you mind to update me also,i had same letter that you had from rent a car hertz in munich.also a letter from austria but its all in german..can i talk to you if u dont mind?my number 847-630-0754..thnk u so much.


      • Jay
        02.12.2017 @ 15:05

        Eric can you please uodate what happen since i am in the same situation.  You can email me.


      • Bea
        22.01.2018 @ 23:05

        I’m in the same situation! Just got a letter from the rental company asking me for a 23€ fee attached to a fine from austria of 50€. All is in german !  Why should i pay the rental company for? Normally within the EU the police ask the rental company to identify the driver and then mails you the fine. But something about having to pay the sounds a bit odd. Please help!!!!!!


        • Ricky
          07.03.2018 @ 15:41

          Maybe you should better read the conditions in the rental agreement. It is common for agencies charge administrative costs for these situations. At least it is what was written in all rental agreements I signed when I rented several times cars both in USA and in Australia (and in EU, although I do rarely there as I have my own car).

    • Jay
      02.12.2017 @ 15:03

      I am in the same situation can you please update what happened.


    • Pawan
      31.01.2018 @ 06:56

      I’m into the same situation plz reply to me:


    • ale
      23.07.2019 @ 10:35

      Could anyone update on what was the outcome of this situation?


  26. Vlad Soare
    02.08.2017 @ 17:29

    Are electric vehicles allowed to ignore the IG-L speed limits?


    • Emily
      04.07.2018 @ 15:44

      That was tested in court and due to the dangers of speed differences in traffic, the fines remain, even for clean air vehicles.


  27. geoff b
    19.06.2017 @ 15:33

    how Long after the actually speeding Event can they send you a fine in Austria?
    i’ve just received one nearly 6 months after the date they mention..


  28. Vuk Blagojevic
    09.03.2017 @ 18:59

    Hello, I got a letter that says that they sent me a letter earlier asking if I was in the car on a specific date. They are fineing me 70 euros. However, in that time I have moved to a new flat and I forwarded my mail, but I didnt receive such letter. What can I do about this_


    • Kush
      12.10.2017 @ 11:57

      Hi, Can you please tell me what happened in your case? A similar situation happened with me, I also moved to a new apartment in Germany. And I did not receive any such letter.


  29. Michael
    27.02.2017 @ 14:38

    We travelling from Austria,and after one week we recived a fine in letterbox,for 8 km moore than 50 in the city we recived 40 euro.Please let me know if is possible to pay the fine on the internet with card.The name of site,please.Thanks!


  30. EricTB
    23.08.2016 @ 12:42

    I have recieved a summons for speeding in Austria.
    They say 56 (camera) in 50 limit but the summons says 8km over the limit.
    It was my car in the photo but it was taken from the back.
    I was not the only person authorised to drive my car.
    Any advice


  31. Daz
    04.08.2016 @ 09:54

    Austria – Salzburg. Speeding in a Green Zone is it true you get 60 euro fine for every km over the speed limit. so 60km in a 30 adds up to 1800 euros fine.


  32. Youssef
    15.07.2016 @ 14:13

    I’d like to ask how to check if I have penalties on my rented cars


  33. Lynette gamboa
    22.05.2016 @ 01:24

    Hello i would like to ask about IG-L 100 and we knew that the maximum is 130 speedlimit but they only allow the 100 so can u help me how much willbe our fine?thank you


  34. Maria Rose
    17.04.2016 @ 00:13

    My Fiancé and I had taken a trip over to Austria about a month ago. Something that people should definitely know is that town signs = 50 km/h.

    My Fiancé was going 70 km/h in a 50 km/h zone but missed it simply because there was no numerical sign denoting that the speed limit had changed. There were two police officers at a speed trap going into one of the towns and sure enough we were motioned to pull over. The officer was very nice in that he obviously made us aware of the issue but only charged us 30 euros on the spot which, according to him, was very generous seeing that we were doing 20+ km/h over the speed limit.

    After that, we made sure that we really kept our eyes out for town signs and made sure that we were paying attention to ALL road signs.

    Not sure if you have a page already for this but maybe posting the road signs and their meanings would be highly beneficial to people as well.

    Great website!


    • SpeedingEurope Team
      17.04.2016 @ 22:16

      Thank You!


    • J.S.
      30.05.2018 @ 05:13

      This is standard in most countries in the region and I would assume most everywhere in Europe. When you pass the yellow or blue sign with the town name, the town speed limit (usually 50-90 km/h) takes effect unless there’s a separate speed limit sign next to it. When you pass a sign where the town name is crossed out in red, that means you’re back on open road and the default open road speed limit takes effect (usually 90 km/h), again unless there’s a different speed limit sign.

      When you enter a country via car, there’s usually a big sign at the border crossing delineating which speeds are default in towns, on open road, on motorways, for trucks etc. If you rent a car inside the country you won’t see that sign obviously so it’s a good idea to look up these default limits in advance because they’re pretty much never signposted.


  35. Mujahid Latif
    21.02.2016 @ 06:49

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I get one traffic violation notification from the Swiss. But I am not sure if it is from the Traffic Office or some spammer send me this notification. Can you kindly check in your system if its from the Traffic Office.

    Reference number mentioned on the page is: Zahl: X-9-2015/48848

    Please send me link of online page to make a payment.

    I will appreciate for your time and help.

    Warm Regards
    Majid Latif


    • SpeedingEurope Team
      23.02.2016 @ 00:46

      Sorry, I can’t help you on this. I’m no traffic lawyer, I’m just an amateur spending some of my sparetime to inform others on European speeding and traffic rules. A very complicated matter in itself.


    • Hui
      05.12.2016 @ 23:39

      what happened to your case?


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