Last update 4.4.2018 | Published 24.5.2004

Belgium may withdraw your license for five years for doing 30 km/h above the limit in any speeding zone.

Note that there are two sets of fines: One for paying on the spot and one for deferred payment. Note that on-the-spot does not mean that you may pay immediately but that you will pay the fine without discussion. If you refuse you will have to go to court.

The important numbers :
Limit – km/h 30* 50 70 120
Fine +20km/h €150 €150 €150 €150
Fine +40km/h €250 €250 €250 €250
LICENSE – maybe 50 80 120 150
LICENSE, 8 days – 5 years
60 90 130 160
*30km/h also applies to special places (schools) and when the sight is below 100 meters.
6 km/h tolerance under 100 km/h, 6% over 100 km/h.
arrow_right_us_100x50There are only two speed penalty zones in Belgium. Residential areas  (30 km/h) and everything else, including motorways.
In both zones there is a basic fine of  €10 if you break the limit by just 1 km/h. After that they add €10 per km/h in a 30 km/h zone and €5 everywhere else. That is until you reach 61km/h in a 30 km/h zone or break the limit by 41 km/h everywhere else. Then it is time for court and a possible license withdrawal.
Note the new (2016) low common speed limit for the countryside, it is now 70 km/h if there are no signs that indicate another limit.

The Belgian police has a web with the numbers, Bereken uw verkeersboete (in dutch).
Wegcode has a fine calculator (in Dutch).

Belgium in detail :
Violation Fine
On the spot
30 km/h + 1-10 km/h €50 €55-1375
+ 11-20 km/h €60-150 €275-1375
LICENSE – maybe
+ 21-30 km/h €260-350
LICENSE, 8 days – 5 years
+ 31 km/h €55-2750 €550-2750
+ 1-10 km/h €50 €55-1375
+ 11-30 km/h €105- 200 €275-1375
LICENSE – maybe
+ 31-40 km/h €205-250
LICENSE, 8 days – 5 years + 41 km/h €55-2750 €550-2750
*) uncertain data
Fines and reactions may change without any warnings.
There is no penalty points system in Belgium.
If this is not correct, please comment below.


  1. James dennis
    14.10.2023 @ 10:24

    I was speeding in belgium in June and heard nothing ( 45kph over limit on motorway. Accidentally due to temporary signs on motorway. I haven’t heard anything, think this is because brexit. Am I free to go back to the EU or will I be caught at the birder in france for example?


  2. R.
    01.10.2023 @ 12:38

    Attention there is a radar now in (N62) Grüfflingen.
    I didn’t know it, didn’t see any 50 limitation indicator and didn’t realize I was driving ± 60 to 65 (61 km following the GPS), so got flashed. On the way back, I was driving 30-40 km and nothing happened, but still didn’t see any 50 km limitation indicator. Many people will fall in the trap here.
    As not resident in Belgium, I am expecting a fine around 60 to 105 euros and should arrive in 10–15 days.

    This is painful, but the N62 in Grüfflingen seems more adequate for 70km. There is not much on this street but this is a personal opinion.


  3. Bélgica. Condutor a 388 km/h pode escapar a multa por questões técnicas –
    14.07.2023 @ 20:54

    […] na Bélgica, o condutor que exceda o limite de velocidade, mesmo por 1 km/h, pagará uma multa de 10 euros acrescida de cinco euros por km/h até um excedente de 41 km/h (neste caso, até aos 161 km/h), de acordo com o site Speeding Europe. […]


  4. Štefan Hrabuša
    13.01.2023 @ 12:59

    I was going 104 km/h on 100 and got 62€, how is that possible I have no idea


  5. Mike
    17.06.2022 @ 11:30

    You can calculate your fine for any speeding offence in Belgium at the folowing link


  6. Berk
    28.04.2022 @ 23:37

    Hi everyone, I did 50km/h on a limit of 30km/h street. Happened in Brussels. Now they charging me 204 euros, so sad for me as a student.


  7. Gunter
    05.05.2021 @ 23:24

    Not correct. please update
    exceeding speed limit (1-10) is 53 euros
    exceeding the speed limit by (11-30kph) is 53 + 11 euros for every kilometer to fast
    exceeding the speed limit over 30kph (+40kph highways): need to go to court 80-4000 euro fine + possibility of revoking driving licence for 8 days to max 5 years
    Speed limit outside of towns and schoolzones whenever there’s no other sign of lower speed limit is 70 in Flanders but in Wallonia this is 90.


    • Gunter
      05.05.2021 @ 23:41

      exceeding the speed limit by (11-30kph) is 53 + 11 euros (30 zone) for every kilometer to fast
      53 + 6 euros (all other roads 50-70-90-120) for every kilometer to fast


    • Jack La Rage
      04.02.2022 @ 22:51

      So if I had went around a dangerous driver kept slamming on the breaks in front of me i went around legally but I noticed km 97 to go around in a 70 normally they drop by 6 km but im not sure if it was a camera or not


  8. Tokyo
    23.02.2021 @ 21:02

    Hi, today I received an email from the car rental I used during the summer 2019. On 12 August 2019 in Antwerp arguably I did something while driving, I don’t know what happened yet. The only thing I did by car was exit the garage in Groenplaats (city centre I guess) and take the highway towards Amsterdam. Now, after more than 18 months you tell me that I got a ticket? Is it on time according to the law? Do I need to pay it? Plus, the car rental wants 40€ for the service which was sending two emails…

    I’m just a European tourist, not resident there.


  9. Tokyo
    23.02.2021 @ 20:38

    Hi, today I received an email from the car rental I used during the summer 2019. On 12 August 2019 in Antwerp arguably I did something while driving, I don’t know what happened yet. The only thing I did by car was exit the garage in Groenplaats (city centre I guess) and take the highway towards Amsterdam. Now, after more than 18 months you tell me that I got a ticket? Is it on time according to the law? Do I need to pay it? Plus, the car rental wants 40€ for the service which was sending two emails…wankers!

    I’m just a European tourist, not resident there.


  10. Pawan
    12.11.2020 @ 01:33

    Helllo sir, what happened what where the consequences did u got?
    Any help


    • ed
      22.01.2021 @ 16:18

      I received a speeding fine yesterday in Antwerp from a trajectory control in brussels committed on December 18 2020. The information was taken from the camera on the 22 December 2020. The speeding fine was posted 15 January 2021.
      Is it correct that the fine needs to be sent within 14 days of the police collecting the information from the camera, otherwise the fine is invalid?


  11. xuxu
    25.09.2020 @ 16:37

    Hello , I was 43 KM over the limit (120 KM) in the highway , I received a court invitation, do I need a lawyer ?
    If so , any recommended English speaking one ?
    Thank you


    • Aravindaraj Dharmaraj
      28.04.2021 @ 18:10

      I also got in similar situation, can you please explain what happened in court.


      • Ashish
        06.12.2022 @ 11:15

        How did it go in court? I have a speeding ticket for 165 km & have to attend court. Can you explain the fine amount and how long was license suspended?

        Thank you.


    • Peeps
      31.08.2021 @ 18:50

      I have a similar situation. What happened?
      Do you have to go to court and what’s the fine ?


  12. Resp
    07.05.2020 @ 18:07

    Hello, i did 128 km/h on 70 zone, but it was road works on motorway, i know i am most likely to get my license suspended for some period of time, i hope the judge wont be that strict, because it is my first fine ever in 10 years of having my license, i would like to know if anyone experienced something like that ?


    • Lord
      01.11.2020 @ 01:32

      Hi . i did 128 km/h on the motoway there was a 90km/h i will loose my driving licence?


    • Jack
      13.11.2020 @ 02:55

      What consequences did you got friend .I also had same problem on 70 zone I mistakenly drove 111.
      Any help?


      • Waleed
        14.11.2022 @ 00:39

        Exactly my situation! I would really appreciated if you tell me Bosnië ended up!!!


    • Sampooran Singh
      05.04.2021 @ 01:18

      What happened with u sir after this ?


    • Kei
      07.04.2021 @ 22:30

      Hey, I was just wondering. I am in the same situation, I was driving on 120 in the highway but then I got flashed for 70 km/p for road works. Did you get fined or you went to the court?


  13. Indrit
    05.02.2020 @ 14:06

    Hello,I have received a fine in France,I wana do the payment but I don’t know how because the paper is in France.where can I pay this,and is it possible to find a store that do the fine payment (I am having some problems with my belfius.)pls is there any hope to cash pay this fine.!?


  14. Unlucky
    18.09.2019 @ 17:12

    Hi, I went to Belgium 3 weeks ago, I think I went too fast over a speed control, now has been 3 weeks and still nothing. Do you know how long is gonna take to recive a fine? I was driving a Dutch plate car and wasn’t mine but the company that I work for


    • Pomitresi
      25.11.2019 @ 12:26

      Hi Unlucky,

      I don’t know if you received the fine yet. Not all speed monitoring systems in Belgium are yet active or approved yet.
      It depends on which one it was you were driving to fast. Also from time to time they need to turn it off because the administration cannot follow the amount of fines generated by the system.

      The government is allowed to take up to 5 years to give you a fine.



  15. Péter Balogh
    12.08.2019 @ 11:06


    I have just been emailed by police that I was speeding on 20/10/2018.  I have never ever received mail via Post Office although my address is correct on that official paper. So that happened 10 months ago. Is there a timelimit for BEL authorities to make me pay?



    • Pomitresi
      25.11.2019 @ 12:21

      Hi Peter,

      For your info: the time limit in Belgium is 5 years.


  16. Mike
    04.07.2019 @ 02:22

    I mistakenly drove from Charles de Kerchovelaan into Verpoortstraat. In fact, I didn’t know that it’s a restricted traffic area as there was no sign. Will I receive a ticket?


  17. MArk
    17.05.2019 @ 12:14

    Just for info, I (actually, my wife who was driving) just received a fine for doing 130kmh in a 120kmh limit (motorway).  after the deduction of 10%, the speed was measured to be 122kmh, and the fine was €55.

    Compared to Germany (where I live) this is expensive, but then we’re lucky they have a high tolerance.  

    Paid the fine on line via credit card, so at least I get the credit card provider’s 0.5% cash back rebate 🙂

    I’ve travelled through Belgium many time in the past few years, and this is the first time I’ve had to “pay” to use the motorway, so compared to my alternative route which would involve large costs via French toll motorways, I’m still very much better off driving through Belgium!


  18. N
    08.04.2019 @ 15:47

    This page really needs a big update.
    Contact me if you need the correct information.


    • C W
      15.04.2019 @ 21:11

      If you are speeding by an extra 5km/h on the motorway and caught by a speed camera, what’s the penalty for that? We are just driving through Belgium and accidentally sped.


      • Ino
        23.04.2019 @ 01:58

        The tolerance is at least 6 km/h which means no infraction has been committed.


    • Jack
      15.11.2020 @ 12:17

      Hello sir,
      I mistakenly drove 111 on a 70 zone what are the consequences I will face,will my driving licence will get banned? I am very nervous


  19. Martin
    11.01.2019 @ 13:50

    I got caught speeding on February 14th 2018 (87 in a 50).  About a week or so later I received a letter from the police asking me to confirm it was me driving, which I did and returned it on the day I received it to the police station.  Now it’s getting on for 12 months later and I still haven’t heard anything.  My questions are 1) Is this normal and am I still likely to hear something? 2) Is there a legal time limit by which they need to pursue this, after which they aren’t allowed to?  Can anybody help?


    • Ioannis
      25.01.2019 @ 21:47

      The process of receiving the fine is fast? How long it can approximately take? Could it be for example that I have a speeding fine from November and it hasn’t yet reached me?


  20. andrew john verrall
    08.01.2019 @ 11:02

    My partner has given her car to her Daughter but keeps in her her name & insurance etc Now received two fines in a week for speeding & paid the first one not saying it was her daughter driving – On camera the photo will show her daughter so to me she is in a lot of trouble ? But she protects her daughter ……..
    Another point her daughter has yet to pass the driving test is driving on this off Belgian lawtat says after 20 hours of lessons you can drive a car alone ……..& even on the highway – This seems wrong to me ?
    Both speeding fines on the highway also 128 & 135 kph for a young girl not passed her test yet a bad start !


  21. Justin
    12.12.2018 @ 23:32

    I received a fine of 174 euros for not using a turn signal. Okay, I guess. Maybe I forgot, even though I normally use them. No one pulled me over, I just received the fine in the mail. Is that right? That’s more than running a red light!


    • Ino
      29.12.2018 @ 21:59

      Fines in Belgium are categorized by degrees (‘graden’), from 1 to 4 (heaviest infraction). 174 euros is generally a fine of the 3rd degree. Not using a turn signal is a fine of the first degree (58 euros). Are you sure it was a ticket for not using a turn signal? They’re usually not issued without being pulled over.


  22. Judah a Daugherty
    17.10.2018 @ 20:15

    Agree with all of the statements. We are visiting from the United States. We looked extra hard for speed limit signs. We saw one just before we were pulled over. The cop says that we were doing 53 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. Okay, then where did you clock us at? Because there were no police at the sign, when we finally saw it. Oh, and the most ignorant part, is that the cop first told us were inly 3 km/h over. But then when he came back to the car, he said we were actually 7 km/h over. Soooooo, which is it? Are you just making it up as you go? Also, with such a close number, could you please provide proof that your radars have been calibrated properly? Sounds to me like Belgium needs some money, so why not hammer tourists who come here and are already putting money into your economy. Nice way to welcome others to your country.


    • Remy
      23.02.2019 @ 01:50

      I think the cop could have given a formal written warning instead. Unmarked patrol cars are extremely common in Europe (unlike U.S. & Canada, if I remember correctly they’re even illegal in some parts of the continent), but also reasonably commonly found in Australia and New Zealand as well. Sometimes they’ll be by the road with the gun, sometimes mixed in traffic with so-called Providas, or they may leave a unsuspected car/van parked by the road with an automated speed trap at the back. Hope this helps for future visits.


  23. Maureen
    24.09.2018 @ 13:08

    We got fined euro 473 yesterday by traffic police in a service station for doing a u turn. They were very rude and treated us like criminals. We were left standing in the rain whilst they enjoyed discussing what fine they would give us. They basically bullied us into paying this ridiculous amount on the spot otherwise they would tow away our car or lock us up
    I would love to know if we have any legal rights and how we can find out if this was the right amount to pay and if they can get away with this treatment


    • Dietmar
      08.10.2018 @ 07:55

      I expect that this happend on a fuel station next to the highway and you are not allowed to do u turn’s their. They will see it as a really big mistake on category 4 (the highest level you can get) and that will cost €473. ( only in Dutch or French)
      They can not put you in prison for it, but they can confiscate your car if you not pay immediately. If they take your car, then the case goes automatically to the court and the court will create a new/other fine for you. Most of the time even more expensive.


  24. Robert Garrett
    19.09.2018 @ 13:35

    I got caught doing 94 kmh in a 90 Limit on the motorway direction of Lille. Fine came today 19.09.2018 €53 for 4 kmh over. Are the locals fined at the same rate or is this just for tourists? BTW if I dont pay by the 20th September it doubles. Paid online today but it doesnt take VISA. Transfers according to the Website take Five days to complete. I have written to GENT expressing my discontent as a Tourist. P.S. There is no Picture and no exact Location of the camera so havent got a clue where it took place? My speedometer is in tens and not single D
    digits so I cant tell whether I am a few over or under 90? Think ist a case of giving Belgium a wide berth in future to prevent plundering of my funds by pirates.


    • Dietmar
      08.10.2018 @ 07:46

      Then probably your speed will be slightly over 100km/h on your dash. Because the 94km/h is already after the correction ( If i not mistaken the correction is 4km/h). Unfortunately is €53 the normal rate for Belgium. It’s not about safety, it’s just all about the money. The rate is the same for tourist as wel for locals.
      Normally you should have 3 weeks to pay your fine, if you not pay, then you will get another fine and it can go up to 50% more then the €53 they offer you in the first fine. The website that you provide is a German website and not a Belgium one. The Belgium website is this :
      It’s normal that you not get a picture by your fine, you can request the picture, but on the end it will cost you again much more money then the €53. Normally on your fine supposed to be also the location where they catch you. This is a must on every fine. There supposed to be also always the name of the police officer who created your fine and you can always contact them.
      Yes Belgium is really a shitty country and really expensive on the road. If you can avoid it, just do it! 😉


  25. Anthony
    27.07.2018 @ 15:49

    I crossed red signal by mistake in brussels. How much will be the fine and when will i receive it?


    • SpeedingEurope Team
      09.08.2018 @ 23:56

      Euro 165. On the top of the Belgium page.


      • Wesam abudiab
        31.03.2019 @ 03:14

        I have crossed the red light with 1.5 seconds on 36kph, the police sent me a letter but I didn’t reply because I didn’t know that this was to happen. I have a provisional licence and they called me for a hearing.. what will happen? thank you


  26. Martin
    22.03.2018 @ 11:07

    I got caught speeding in Vlaanders, 87km/h in a 50km/h zone.  I live in Vlaanders.  I received a letter, completed it and sent it back acknowledging the offence.  This is my first violation.  Any idea on what will happen and how long it will take to hear anything back?  It’s been about 3 weeks now.


    • Cara
      11.09.2018 @ 19:58

      Hi Martin,,
      I am in the same boat as you.
      What was the outcome for you?
      I am bit nervous that they will take my license away.


      • Bert
        21.09.2018 @ 17:14

        Nothing happenes. They will ask you to pay the fine. Only. No other scenario.
        Dont worry


        • XcentY
          10.10.2018 @ 11:05

          Check this out. It is more clear and more accurate than this website.

          –> over 30 km/h above the limit within a city, a residential zone, … –> You go to police court (between 80 € and 4000 €) Your licence is also taken away for between 8 days and 5 years (mandatory)

          If you were on another road than the one specified here above, it is no more mandatory until you are 40km/h above the limit

        • XcentY
          10.10.2018 @ 11:06

        • Martin
          09.01.2019 @ 21:45

          Actually its been nearly 11 months since i got caught soeeding (February 14th 2018) and i sent off the original document back tomthrvpolice to acknowledge the offence (beinning March 2018), and i still havent had any further correspondence.  Amybody any ideas if i’ll still get something or if there is a legal time limit by which they have to deal wit it before its invalid.

  27. Alyssa
    14.11.2017 @ 19:00

    How long does it take to receive a speeding fine caught by a camera?


    • John
      02.01.2018 @ 11:06

      7-8 days


      • Nandy
        15.07.2018 @ 22:05

        Can I check online if I have a fine or not?


  28. Zack
    12.11.2017 @ 21:05

    Was just flashed in Belgium with a British car/numberplate. Will the fine come through to my UK address?
    Any advice appreciated!


  29. Lara
    07.11.2017 @ 19:55

    Is there any privilege if you pay before some deadline? I got today speeding fine 179e, I was driving 100km/h?


  30. Gunter
    02.09.2017 @ 23:46

    not correct. The basic fine is now 55 euro if you go 10kmph or lower over the speed limit.
    If you go over 10kmph you get an increase 11 euro for every kilometer too fast in towns and school zones.
    If you go over 10kmph you get an increase of 6 euro for every kilometer on the highways.
    Only the northern part (flemish) has a 70kmph speed limit outside the towns if there are no speed limit signs after leaving a town, in the south it’s still 90.
    The flemish part of belgium is a horrible place to live if you want to drive. lot’s of new section control camera’s every month. We probably have the most fixed speed camera’s of europe.


    • BrmBrm
      21.09.2017 @ 15:56

      Today, 21st September 2017, I just received and on-the-spot fine of €53 for 134kph on a motorway.

      Like a conveyor, pulling over what mainly appeared to be English vehicles, even though I was in a convoy with Belgian cars – who did not get pulled.

      I accept I was speeding, but a little frustrating only I was pulled amongst many Belgians doing the same speed.


      • BBru
        15.02.2018 @ 10:59

        It’s Belgium – their own databases cover Belgian registrations. They pull over Brits so they can’t get away with it. The Belgians will receive a fine by post.


    • SpeedingEurope Team
      03.10.2017 @ 17:49

      Thank you. Will update .)


  31. SpeedingEurope Team
    26.06.2017 @ 22:51

    Thank You, Me! First I wondered what kind of country is this, then I realized that I have to update this.


  32. Gribaumont
    24.06.2017 @ 20:23

    “Me” is right. The legislation on traffic has been devolved to the regions and now in Belgian there are three motor vehicle codes, one per region. Thererefore the speeds limits are different in each region. In Flanders the speed limit on roads outside of cities has become 70 kph, but in Wallonia and Brussels the speed limit on roads outside of cities is still 90 kph. Therefore what is stated in the graphics is not correct. I live in Brussels.


    • SpeedingEurope Team
      26.06.2017 @ 22:44

      Thank you for the confirmation. This was unbelievable. It must be difficult to live in a country like this. Why make it easy while you can still make it more difficult?


  33. aaron
    21.03.2017 @ 16:17

    i was speeding in a 70 km/h zone and was going 109km/h. what do u think the fine will be?


    • Aaron
      07.12.2022 @ 16:11

      I have the same now i have court


  34. Maxime Hinnekens
    23.01.2017 @ 14:20

    The 90 limit changed to 70, 90 limit doesn’t exist anymore


    • SpeedingEurope Team
      23.01.2017 @ 15:32

      Thank you, Maxime. But does this mean that there is no longer a limit between 70 and 120?


      • Anonymous
        25.01.2017 @ 13:50

        The normal speedlimit on roads outside of cities has become 70. That limit only applies if there are no signs that state a different limit (e.g 90).


        • SpeedingEurope Team
          28.01.2017 @ 21:18

          Thank you 🙂
          Now updated.

        • Me
          24.04.2017 @ 00:48

          90 still applies. Like everything in Belgium, this is complicated as well.  After the last elections, the Regions became the regulators of speed limits for all roads except motorways. All the other traffic laws are federal as well. Flanders decides since most of the roads were yet limited to 70 kph to make that the official limit. It is allowed however to indicate a higher limit, that may not go above the federal limit (be it 90 kph). Wallonia and Brussels however did not care to lower the limit so there the limit is still 90 (unless a lower one is indicated).

          A few other corrections,  the sign where you put 30 is actually 20 but very rarely used. The 30 kph zone sign is widly used especially in flanders and brussels.
          Outside built up area’s, if you have at least 2X2 lanes with a fixed barrier the limit is 120 as well like on a motorway, in the whole country.

          Source: I live in Belgium 🙂

    • Ron
      02.07.2017 @ 23:07

      90km limit applies in the south of Belgium (Wallonia)
      The 70km limit applies in the north


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