Last update 7.7.2019 | First published 24.5.2004

The fines are rather mild, plus note that usually the police gives a 10% tolerance to all those limits except on the roads classified as “tolerance zero” ones.

The important numbers :
Speed-limit 50 90 100 120
Fine +21 km/h €120 €200 €200 €200
Fine +41 km/h €300 €300(1 €300(1 €300(1
LICENSE 90 150 160 180
1) Exact fine unknown
Member of the European cross-country fine cooperation. Any traffic fine may arrive at your home address.
Fines may automatically be shared between Austria, Chech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
(no data)

If stopped by the police, it is best to admit to the offence without hesitation, if a violation has taken place. You may then, if the police sees fit, be able to get away with one of the smaller fines.Fines and reactions may change without any warnings.

Portugal in detail :
Violation Fine (Euro)
+5-20 km/h 60-300
+21-40 km/h 120-600
LICENSE – 1 month to 1 year +41-60 km/h 300-1500
LICENSE – 2 months to 2 years more than 60 km/h 500-2500
+ 5-30 km/h 60-300
+ 31-60 km/h 120-600
LICENSE – 1 month to 1 year + 61-80 km/h 300-1500
LICENSE – 2 months to 2 years more than 80 km/h 500-2500
“Crossing white lines, jumping red lights, ignoring policemen signals, all are subject to losing a licence to drive from two months up to one year. Passing another vehicle on their right side then the driver can be fined up to €1250. Drivers failing to respect for Stop signs can lead to a fine of up to €2500.”
This is unconfirmed information, please comment below.

A penalty point system was introduced in Portugal in June 2016.
All drivers are issued with 12 points by default, with between two and six points taken away every time an offence is recorded.
With 4 points left you will have to do additional road safety training. With only 2 points left you will have to retake the driving theory test.
With all points gone you will get a two-year driving ban and must retake all tests.
Drivers who avoid infractions for three years will be rewarded with three points.Generally, 2 points will be deducted from your license with any offence. For serious offences you will be deducted with more:

  • 3 points: Drunk driving with alcohol readings between 0.5g/l and 0.8g/l. Excessive speed above 20km/ in urban areas
  • 5 points: Drunk driving with alcohol readings between 0.8g/l and 0.2g/l.Driving under the influence of drugs. Excessive speed above 20km/ in urban areas.

You will find complete info on the point system here (in english)


  1. Tiago
    12.10.2021 @ 14:19

    AFAIK fine tolerances are 30 km/h in highways, and 20 km/h everywhere else.


    • Ricardo
      17.10.2021 @ 17:04

      Not true. The points tolerance is 30 km/h on roads outside urban areas (“localidades”) and 20 km/h in urban areas. Fines can be applied at any speed above the limit.

      Em caso de excesso dos limites máximos de velocidade, acrescerá a perda de pontos ao condutor.

      Contraordenações graves: perda de 2 pontos – excesso do limite de velocidade superior a 30 km/h fora das localidades ou superior a 20 km/h dentro das localidades, quando praticado por condutor de motociclo ou de automóvel ligeiro.

      Contraordenações muito graves: perda de 4 pontos – excesso do limite de velocidade superior a 60 km/h fora das localidades, ou superior a 40 km/h dentro das localidades …


  2. Adela Babish
    14.05.2021 @ 15:54

    kombi prevoz cena



  3. Villani
    30.12.2020 @ 01:08

    This information is not up to date .
    Now in 2020
    Untill 20 km /hora light offence 120.00 €
    from 20 to 40 km /hora serious offence 120.00 € 1 month 2 points
    from 40 to 60 km/hora very serious offence 300.00 € 2 month 4 points
    more than 60 km/hora very serious offence 500.00 € 2 month 4 points



    • Jass
      03.04.2021 @ 01:58

      Hi tell me one thing where we can confirm we had fine on my Portuguese license because I have doubt I had some fine on my license if you know some office in Portugal just let me know


  4. David Everitt
    04.11.2020 @ 14:51

    I have just received a traffic charge letter from Avis. It gives the offence/charge reference. How can I see a record of the offence?


  5. gerry
    10.10.2020 @ 11:57

    Driving a Portuguese hire car back in Dec 2018. UK resident with UK driving license (50 years of zero convictions or accidents)
    After following a presumed drunken man driving a clapped out Citroen from Portimao towards Lagoa on the EN125 (central bollards now all the way, about 15kms) weaving all over the road I was well frustrated by the time I reached outskirts of Lagoa. At that point the road turns into a dual carriageway, going down into the town of Lagoa. The road was clear of any traffic being 5pm on a Saturday evening in December. I took my opportunity to overtake as quickly as I could. The hire car was a quick car and I overtook very quickly, only to suddenly see a flash in the mirrors as I passed the fixed camera just past the bridge.
    Subsequently received a note fro the Hire company who had given my details to the Portuguese authorities.
    Some 2 months later back in the UK I received a notification from the authorities given precise details of my infringement. Apparently 112kph in a 50kph area (yes 50 kph limit on dual carriageway).
    There was no payment amount included of any description, no mention of any amount. I have never received any other notification since then……now here is the problem.
    I am thinking about becoming a resident of Portugal before end Dec this year. If I do I will have to change my driving license to a Portuguese one (dont speak enough Portuguese to pass a test here)….and the question is would my infringement come back to haunt me, either with a hefty fine or a driving ban??
    Anyone have any thoughts??


    • Olivier Vetter
      16.01.2021 @ 18:17

      50 km/h is often applied in dual carriage ways, particularly at city entrances to get people to slow down.
      It is clearly marked on the roadside AND usually on your GPS or Nav System as well.
      Looks like the police are only doing what they are paid to do, applying the rule of law.
      Sounds like the ‘story’ of the drunk driver is an attempt to justify yourself.
      If you are not happy, then don’t come to live here, which is probably mostly for tax saving issues anyway….
      Otherwise live and learn, and be happy to be contributing to this wonderful country, they can use every cent.
      I am paying about €80k in taxes for 2020 and am very happy to do so for the level of safety, cleanliness and cost of living with friendly people who welcome foreigners (even the white trash) and the rule of law.
      You can’t have everything !
      Re your licence, you only need to declare it, so they know that you are a resident driver and can apply the local rules.
      I once lived in the UK and found the drivers to all be very good, cautious, quick, courteous and respectful by the way.


      • Jahirul jewel
        01.07.2021 @ 02:31

        I live in Lisbon and some days ago I have been flashed by a speedy camera . now I think I will get a letter in my address but the problem is I have moved from that address .now how can I check my fine?


  6. J Williamson
    29.02.2020 @ 11:07

    We have just received a speeding fine from 4years ago!   Can this really happen?


    • gerry
      10.10.2020 @ 11:58

      What happened? Did you originally receive notification of the infringement 4 years previously??
      Read my case from 2018


      • Anna
        26.01.2021 @ 18:35

        We just got a speeding ticket for some incidence from June 2020. In Germany speeding tickets expire after 3 months – does anyone know the expiration time frame in Portugal? Thank you


      • paul broadley
        13.01.2022 @ 12:42


        Can you provide details of your case please

        I have just received notification from the car hire company that we were speeding in Portugal 2 years ago, there were 2 named drivers, and due to the time that’s passed, and the poor quality of the photograph there is no way we can tell who the driver was at the time

        Also, is there an date on which the notice expired, 2 years before being served with an offense notification, seems excessive

        Any advice would be greatly appreciated


  7. Dan
    10.07.2019 @ 09:11

    I am traveling in Portugal and I want to rent a car in order to drive across Portugal.
    I want to know what I need to take in consideration (to pay more attention with) when driving in Portugal?
    Thank you


  8. Wojtek
    27.04.2019 @ 12:35

    Hi Everyone!

    Is there any way, I could check and make sure that speeding ticket i paid went through the system [in Portugal] and they would not get me any trouble next time I am back there? I actually got two identical official notification via post. The first one arrived a year after the ”speeding offence”. I paid it immediately, the second one, exactly the same, got here few months after and I paid it , too. Both were for speeding/camera and Euros 120 each.
    I am worrying they might have not recognized my first payment, or none of them at all? Anyone any advice, please?


    • paldo
      13.08.2019 @ 20:32

      hey there,

      Finding myself in a same position, though haven’t gotten a second ticket. I’m curious how you actually paid the fine. Did you do a wire transfer to Caixa Geral Deposit and follow the instructions under #21 here https://www.ansr.pt/Pages/FAQs_en.aspx ?

      many thanks


  9. 03JagXJR
    06.11.2018 @ 11:37

    I’ve picked up a “double flash” on a motorway in Portugal.

    Do the authorities pursue European drivers back to their home countries (UK)?

    I’ve been told Portugal’s speed cameras only recognise Portuguese number plates!

    Is this true??


  10. Max
    14.07.2018 @ 07:22

    Hi all!
    Can somebody tell me where to check fines by car number?
    For example, I’ve rented a car in Portugal during 2 weeks, and before departure I want to check and pay fines, if I made some violation.
    Thanks in advance.


    • Wojtek
      27.04.2019 @ 12:26

      Hi Max, I got same situation here. Did you get any answers meantime? In addition, I already got two identical speeding camera tickets from Portugal and each was to pay 120E. It seems they sent me over twice same ticket[by mistake??] . In case, I paid both of them and still do not know what is the deal now?? Did they notify this, etc??


  11. Howard
    30.04.2018 @ 21:35

    I don’t find ANSR helpful as it refers to code 145 and code 146 without saying what these are.
    This site seems to summarise the situation in English though it seems the fines may not be as small as you think, however the maximums seem to apply if you don’t pay in the time allowed.


    • SpeedingEurope Team
      01.05.2018 @ 11:14

      Thank you, Howard!. I will check this information.


    • ayan
      20.01.2020 @ 22:18

      Hi. If some one know what is fine for driving .with out drive license .thanks to every 1


  12. Howard
    30.04.2018 @ 21:31

    I got stopped within 250 m of the car hire at Faro as I saw the Stop sign but missed the turn right sign (or it was obstructed by parked vans at the exit) and went straight across two white lines to turn left. The policeman told me it was a €50 euro fine for not turning right (€49.88) and it rose to €250 if I didn’t pay. Crossing the white lines was €120 but he would only take the smaller fine. He took a credit card and I paid on the spot. All paperwork is in Portuguese and I had to sign it blind.
    I understand there may be penalty points but don’t think they can be applied to my UK licence.
    He said it was a serious offence not to have my licence and hire paperwork in the car – fortunately
    However it spoiled my holiday.


    • David Pais
      31.12.2018 @ 02:59

      Did they apply the points on your UK license???


  13. C Prescott
    01.10.2017 @ 13:24

    On the N1 towards Porto all lorry drivers ignore the speed limits and red lights (which activate when speed limit is exceeded) and travel at about 55 miles per hour.  They tailend anyone observing the speed limits.  They roar throught villages regardless.  Why do they get away with this?


  14. Dave Spencer
    07.06.2017 @ 19:41

    After recently travelling in Portugal, whilst doing the 120km/h limit we were passed often by cars (usually BMW’s, Mercs or Audi’s doing well over 200km/h
    How do they get away with it?


    • Paulo Valente
      28.11.2017 @ 11:52

      Not that many police patrols I suppose.


    • Diego
      02.09.2018 @ 00:00

      Because they had places to go to. These cars are designed to go these speeds, however problems would arise if Peugeot or Citroen drivers were going to try the same stuff. There’s nothing wrong with going that fast on a motorway and it’s been proven in Germany – the majority of people would never go over 130 km/h anyway. Speed limits on straight motorways are just a way to make money for the government. Also vehicles (or drivers) unable to maintain a steady speed of at least 120 km/h should not be allowed on motorways, as that’s mainly the reason why you’d constantly have to switch between 130 and 80 km/h as some a-hole decided to pull out to overtake another spastic doing 70.


  15. Sergio
    23.03.2017 @ 11:16

    There is a penalty point system in effect since June 1, 2016. More info: https://etsc.eu/portugals-penalty-points-system-launches-1-june/


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