Published 9.10.2017 | Last update 7.7.2019 | €1 = CZK26

The Czech Republic (Czechia) is relatively mild on fines, but provides a tough regime when it comes to license withdrawals. There are, however, not too many speed controls.
Like most Eastern European countries driving and drinking is a complete no-no.



Although fines are low, your license are withdrawn at relatively low speeds.

Important numbers :
Limit – km/h 20 50 90 110 130
Fine +21km/h €38 €38 €19 €19 €19
Fine +41km/h €192-384 €192-384 €192-384 €192-384 €192-384
LICENSE conditionally(1 40 70 120 140 170
LICENSE unconditionally(2 60 90 140 160 180
 1) Conditionally, eg. if you have committed another speeding offence within the last year.
2) Witdrawal period: 6-12 months.
Member of the European cross-country fine cooperation. Any traffic fine may arrive at your home address.
Fines may automatically be shared between Austria, Chech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.
The official measure tolerances are 3 km/h for speeds up to 100 km/h and 3 % of 101 km/h and above. The police does, however, not always follow these rules. Rumours say that you are safe within +10 km/h in urban areas and within +20 km/h outside.
Police cars are almost always in civil – Mostly Skoda, some VW Passat and Ford Mondeo. They always have dark rear windows.
Be aware that as the owner of a car you are responsible for all fines due to automatic traffic surveillance (speed measurement, red-light crossing and more) if the police can not catch the driver.
Most measurements are visible with roadside boxes, calibration lines on the road and cameras above. A warning is common, but is not required by the law. Sometimes the speed is measured by induction loops in the road.
Radar detectors are legal but laser jammers cause 5.000 – 10.000 CZK, zero points and a license withdrawal.

Important links:

The Czech Republic in detail :
€1 = CZK26 Violation Fine (CZK) Fine (Euro) Points
+0-5 km/h 500(1 19
+6-19 km/h 500(1 19 2
+20-39 km/h 1000(2 38 3
LICENSE(5 +40 km/h and more 5 000-10 000(3 192-384 5
+0-10 km/h 500(1 19
+11-29 km/h 500(1 19 2
+30-49 km/h 1000(2 38 3
LICENSE(5 +50 km/h and more 5 000-10 000(3 192-384 5
1) Minimum, up to 1000 CZK/18 EUR – it depends on the police and the traffic conditions
2) Minimum, up to 2500 CZK/96 EUR – it depends on the police and the traffic conditions.
3) Will be solved by the police administration. Expect license withdrawal and 5 points.
Values in Euro are approximate.

In the Czech Republic you start with zero points. With no point offences in the last year, 4 points will be deducted. If you get 12 points your license will be withdrawn for one year. This means that you will have  to take a new drivers license test to keep your license.
In addition to the speeding offences above, these offences will reward you with points (there are many more):

  • Using a mobile phone while driving: 2 points
  • Not using seat belt/helmet: 3 points
  • Illegal overtaking: 7 points
  • Not stopping before a red light or a stop sign: 5 points
  • Drinking and driving, from 0.3 g/l in blood sample: 7 points

More on Czech points at the Czech Traffic Law (in Czech).


  1. Robin Ebert
    22.12.2023 @ 14:58


  2. Nahid
    02.09.2023 @ 19:06

    Hello… i was live in Czech Republic. i have a issue red light running police caught me on the spot and fine 500 kc + 5 penalty points. so now am curious about to know that if next time red light camera cought me.. they give me only fine money or also penalty points?


    • DenisCZ
      04.09.2023 @ 13:59

      If the police catch you running a red light within one year of the last time you ran a red light, you will have 5+5 points = 10 points if you have had a clean points account up until now. But if you are only photographed by a camera while passing through (Camea UnicamREDLIGHT to Google), the administrative body will only send you a request to pay the specified amount – in Prague 1,500 CZK – and if you pay within 30 days of delivery, the whole thing ends without points. If you are caught by the police after 1 year or more has passed, 4 points are automatically deducted after 1 year without a point-based offence. You can earn 3 points by attending ski school at authorized safe driving centers. This works out to about 4,000 CZK (166 EUR, 182 dollars).


      • MD NAHID
        03.12.2023 @ 19:04

        Thank you so much mr Denis for your reply


  3. DenisCZ
    02.09.2023 @ 15:40


    As before, we have 4 penalty zones for speeding:

    0-9 km/h -> 1,500 – 2,000 CZK on the spot, 2,000 – 5,000 CZK in case of rejection of the solution on the spot and referral to administrative proceedings
    10-19 km/h in the municipality and 10-29 km/h outside the municipality -> the same financial penalty as for exceeding 9 km/h, but 2 points are added to the driver’s card.
    20-39 km/h in the municipality and 30-49 km/h outside the municipality -> 2,500 – 3,500 CZK on the spot, 4,000 – 10,000 in case of rejection of the solution on the spot and referral to administrative proceedings + 4 points
    40 or more in the municipality and 50 or more outside the municipality -> automatic transfer to administrative proceedings, it is not possible to solve it on the spot. Fine in the range of 7,000 – 25,000 CZK, 6 points, driving ban for 6 to 18 months.

    Other offenses monitored by the SpeedingEurope Team:

    Zero alcohol tolerance remains. If a person breathed up to 0.24 per thousand and did not present a driver’s license – he could not be arrested, he could continue driving and, given the possible physiological level of alcohol in the blood of 0.2 per thousand and the deviation of the breathalyzer 0.04 per thousand, he could win the administrative proceedings and continue to drive. !!! But the state has now introduced the fiction of withholding a driver’s license and will be able to withhold a driver’s license “virtually” without presenting it, NOT ONLY FOR ALCOHOL AND DRUGS, BUT ALSO FOR EXCEEDING THE PERMITTED SPEED HIGHER THAN 40 KM/H IN THE MUNICIPALITY AND 50 KM/H AND MORE OUTSIDE THE MUNICIPALITY !!!!

    Sanctions for demonstrable alcohol levels (deducted from the breathalyzer, which is taken as evidence in the Czech Republic -0.24 per thousand from the measured value and -0.2 per thousand from the blood) are as follows:

    0-0.29 per thousand – 7,000 – 25,000 CZK, driving ban 6-18 months
    0.3-0.99 per thousand – 7,000 – 25,000 CZK + 6 points, driving ban for 6-18 months
    1 per thousand and more – criminal offense – theoretical fine up to CZK 36,500,000, driving ban for 1 – 10 years, community service, prison for up to 1 year without an accident, up to 3 years in case of an accident.
    (usual punishment for the first criminal prosecution of a) a working person with an average income is a fine of 10,000 – 40,000 CZK or b) for a non-working person a suspended sentence of 3-4 months suspended for 12-18 months, or community service within 100 – 200 hours)

    Holding the phone while driving – 2,500 – 3,500 CZK on the spot or 4,000 – 10,000 CZK in administrative proceedings + 4 points

    Prohibition of overtaking – CZK 4,500 – 5,500 on the spot or CZK 7,000 – 25,000 in administrative proceedings + 6 points

    Running a red light – 4,500 – 5,500 CZK on the spot or 7,000 – 25,000 CZK in administrative proceedings + 6 points. A driving ban for 4 – 6 months is at risk here only if you deliberately do not stop at a red light or start to elude the police against an instruction or call to stop.

    The number of points remains the same – 12 points. For new drivers who have obtained a driver’s license for the first time, there are only 6 points for a period of 2 years from the acquisition of the driver’s license.

    New possibility to drive from the age of 17 under the supervision of a mentor.

    The points also apply to foreign drivers. Points are always recorded – whether the offense is resolved on the spot or in administrative proceedings.


    • DenisCZ
      02.09.2023 @ 16:01

      The current exchange rate is 24 CZK for 1 euro and 22 CZK for 1 dollar.

      Here is the currency conversion of the most common penalty intervals:

      1,500 – 2,000 CZK (63 – 83 EUR) on the spot, 2,000 – 5,000 CZK (83 – 208 EUR)

      2,500 – 3,500 CZK (104 – 146 EUR) on the spot or 4,000 – 10,000 CZK (167 – 417 EUR)

      4,500 – 5,500 CZK (188 – 229 EUR) on the spot or 7,000 – 25,000 CZK (292 – 1 042 EUR)

      1 per thousand and more – criminal offense – theoretical fine up to CZK 36,500,000 (1 520 833 EUR), driving ban for 1 – 10 years, community service, prison for up to 1 year without an accident, up to 3 years in case of an accident.
      (usual punishment for the first criminal prosecution of a) a working person with an average income is a fine of 10,000 – 40,000 CZK (416 – 1 666 EUR) or b) for a non-working person a suspended sentence of 3-4 months suspended for 12-18 months, or community service within 100 – 200 hours)


  4. Adam[CZ]
    12.01.2023 @ 19:43

    As foreigner, when you would go 40 km/h+ over the speed limit in city or 50 km/h+ outside the city and police would caught you, you will have to pay 10 000CZK bail(from next year it may be 25 000CZK). This bail you can get back, but you might “lose” your license. Also you can get fine which can be high as the bail.


    • DenisCZ
      16.02.2023 @ 22:15

      Closer to this section on collecting bails:

      Section 124a
      Bail collection

      (1) When supervising the safety and smoothness of road traffic, a police officer is entitled to collect a bail in the range of CZK 3,500 to CZK 50,000 from a driver who is suspected of committing an offense under this Act, if there is a reasonable suspicion that he will avoid driving about an offense or that possible enforcement of the imposed fine would be associated with disproportionate costs, or would be impossible at all.

      (2) The amount of the bail may not exceed the maximum amount of the fine that can be imposed for the offense in question.

      (3) When collecting the deposit, the police officer instructs the driver about the purpose of collecting the deposit and the conditions for its return and issues a written confirmation of the collection of the deposit in 3 copies, which must state the reason for collecting the deposit, its amount and the administrative authority responsible for conducting the proceedings offence.

      (4) The police officer will keep 1 copy of the confirmation of deposit collection for police record purposes, hand over 1 copy to the driver, and hand over 1 copy together with the deposit to the administrative body responsible for conducting the offense proceedings no later than the next working day.

      (5) Bail cannot be collected from a person

      a) enjoying immunity and privileges according to law or international law,

      b) whose conduct having the characteristics of a misdemeanor is not dealt with under the Act on Misdemeanors,

      c) suspected of having committed an offence, if the maximum amount of the fine for this offense does not reach at least CZK 5,000.


    • Frits
      17.02.2023 @ 06:29

      Hi, caught in with 105 km/h where 60 was allowed,( 100 m before was still 80 allowed ) I have a long term stay so they immediately found me in the database, I didn’t get any fee or document and signed nothing when the stopped me over. What can I expect ?


      • DenisCZ
        18.03.2023 @ 17:17

        A little hint: Mr. XY (name depends on your country), born 17/09/1981 (close to the age of the real driver, permanently XY apartment (where you stick the name of this ultra-aggressive road pirate on the mailbox 😉 ) was driving. Here he delivers a letter, which after some delivery attempt he throws into the mailbox (this is how it works in the Czech Republic). You don’t even have to familiarize yourself with what’s there. It’s enough that you know it was delivered, even if they didn’t drop it in your mailbox. Then, on behalf of the disgraced ultra-aggressive road pirate and pushchair mum killer, you write back saying you’re sorry, asking for the lowest fine and admitting the offense in full (that it was in omission, negligence, regret etc to make it look real). And with that, you’re out of it. Otherwise, you would face a fine ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 CZK (Czech crowns – which is about 200 – 400 EUR/USD) + 6 – 12 months of driving ban in the territory of the Czech Republic and 5 points.


  5. Normunds
    20.08.2022 @ 12:04

    Came back to Latvia from 2 month leave and found the invitation to pickup a registered mail letter from CZ. It was post due, and letter went back to CZ originator.
    Keep myself wondering, was it a speeding fine? What if there is an accumulating fine due to not being paid in time? I certainly drove only autoroute A1 – A35 – E462 – A2
    What to expext to avoid surplus fine. And what amounts are for speeding? I dont remember I have violated any speedlimits on toll roads, since the max speed is hard to crack with a minivan we drove. But, perhaps some bridge or some areas with lower max limits there could have been breeched. Any government link in CZ i can possibly check?
    Vignete was paid, though no email came back to confirm. Only have the banking printout.


  6. Adam[CZ]
    10.08.2022 @ 20:19

    Czech police have also some new BMW 5 series touring(grey or black, dark back windows). Ford Mondeo police cars are already decommissioned. Most common “secret” police car is Škoda Superb 3rd generation pre-facelift or Škoda Octavia 3rd gen also pre-facelift. Beware of police cars with PolCam measuring system (new BMW’s, Superbs 2nd gen post-facelift, Passats B6) radar detectors can’t detect them and even antiradars are nothing against them. So, if you overtake one of these cars and the car will sudenly go same speed as you( but with large distance between you and the car) it might be police.


  7. John.S
    13.07.2022 @ 09:48

    Hi guys!

    I rented a car from prague and went to italy.

    I over speeded several time on motorway and i think i got Caught on camera while over speeding, 4 days ago. The. I get back to prague via Switzerland. Today i have to return a car to rental agency in prague.

    Do i have to pay something? Where can i get info as to what and how much i have been fined ?? Since i never got any message or mail.

    Appreciate your help.


    • Roman
      21.07.2022 @ 12:01

      Hello John,
      wait if you will be contacted. No letter to your address no issue. Its more complicated for officers to reach you if you are foreigner so its often ignored to try to catch someone outside from Czech republic. I hope that you will not be catched :-).


  8. Henri
    04.07.2022 @ 16:29

    Hey Community,
    I am wondering about the numerous electronic boards that display the speed. Some of them have something that looks like a surveillance camera. Are they speed cameras? Just dummies? Or a “normal” video surveillance system?

    How trustfull is Waze working CZ?


  9. Stepan
    26.06.2022 @ 01:55

    Good day here!
    I found the page, managed to login there and here I see a lot information about me, my drive license and also about motorcycle I have. Based on that I think then If I will (or was) caught by some camera (not police car) I think its very easy to deliver the penalty to me? I also have databox. I read somewhere above that it could take months and why? I mean they have a photo, the system can read the number, do the search over the base, found me in 2seconds and send me penalty even over databox. In case of administrative case its also very easy and fast to write me that I was wrong. So, how long time should I wait to be sure that I am clear at this moment of time, please? Any ideas?



    • Roman
      21.07.2022 @ 11:46

      Hello Stepan, they have 3 years till this offence will expire, then you cannot get any fine. Its only about bureaucracy and limited number of officers. If you are foreigner then it can be disregard – too complicated for them.


  10. Daniel
    07.06.2022 @ 08:32

    What happens with multiple speed violations on the same highway? Is each one a violation on its own or is it considered a journey or due to section control 1 fine? Especially interested in the ones to Prague.


    • DenisCZ
      17.06.2022 @ 19:55

      The provisions of Section 140 of Act No. 500/2004 Coll., The Administrative Procedure Code, keep this in mind. I quote below. But the main thing in this regard is that you may not pay every request for payment of a specified amount sent separately one by one. It is a challenge that is not subject to administrative proceedings, but only allows the fine to be resolved without costly administrative proceedings, and the whole matter is postponed. In order to conduct a joint proceeding according to the citation below, it is necessary not to pay these individual calls for payment of a specified amount one by one, but on the contrary to follow the instructions of the given provision of the law and apply to the competent administrative authorities for joint management.

      § 140
      Joint management

      (1) The administrative body may, at the request of a participant or ex officio, join various proceedings to which it is competent, if they concern the same subject matter or otherwise materially related to each other or concern the same participants, unless the nature of the case, the purpose of the proceedings or protection of the rights or legitimate interests of participants. The proceedings may also be joined during the proceedings, provided that this does not create a risk of harm to any of the participants.

      (2) The administrative body shall also conduct joint proceedings on joint applications of several applicants or on joint applications concerning the same subject of proceedings or other factually related issues. Joint management also includes the issuance of a conditional act for which the administrative body is competent.

      (3) In order to expedite the proceedings or for another important reason, the proceedings on individual issues may be excluded from the joint proceedings by a resolution and decided on separately.

      (4) Resolutions pursuant to paragraphs 1 and 3 shall only be recorded in the file.

      (5) One file shall be established in the joint proceedings. If a case is joined during the proceedings, a joint file shall be set up, which shall also contain the files of the items which were joined. Copies of all parts of the file conducted in the joint proceedings shall be included in the file which is the subject of the proceedings which were excluded from the joint proceedings pursuant to paragraph 3 in so far as they relate to the matter at issue.

      (6) For the purposes of applying Section 27 (1) in a joint proceeding, the question of who is a participant shall be assessed as if the proceedings had taken place independently.

      (7) A joint decision shall be issued in a joint proceeding. Where different appeal bodies are competent to review the opinions of the joint decision in the appeal proceedings, several decisions shall be issued, each of which includes statements for the review of which a single appeal body is competent. If the statements of such joint decisions are conditional, an appeal against the decision with the conditional statement also has suspensory effect against the decision with the subsequent statement. If both of these decisions have been challenged by appeals and if the matter cannot be settled pursuant to Section 87, the administrative body of the first instance shall suspend the appeal proceedings against the decision with the subsequent statement until the appeal proceedings against the decision with the conditional statement are over; the provisions of § 57 para. 3 apply analogously. If only the decision with a conditional opinion has been challenged by an appeal, the decision with a subsequent opinion shall become final on the day the decision on the appeal against the decision with a conditional opinion becomes final; however, the annulment or amendment of the decision with a conditional ruling is the reason for the reopening of the proceedings.


    • DenisCZ
      17.06.2022 @ 20:05

      Also count on this provision of § 41, Act No. 250/2016 Coll. on liability and infringement proceedings:

      § 41
      Imposing administrative penalties for multiple offenses

      (1) For two or more offenses of the same offender discussed in joint proceedings, an administrative penalty shall be imposed in accordance with the provisions relating to the most severely criminal offense. If the upper limits of the fine rates are the same, an administrative penalty shall be imposed in accordance with the provisions applicable to the most serious offense.

      (2) If two or more offenses are discussed together, the administrative body may impose a fine at a higher rate, so that the upper limit of the fine for the most serious criminal offense is increased by up to half, but not more than the amount which is the sum of the upper limits on fines for individual jointly discussed offenses.

      (3) Along with an administrative penalty imposed pursuant to paragraph 1 or 2, another type of administrative penalty may be imposed if it could be imposed for one of the jointly discussed offenses.


  11. Peti
    06.06.2022 @ 16:09

    Dear community,
    I was driving 117 km/h at a 60 km/h section on the highway near Ostrava. The police already contacted me by post that I exceeded the limit by 57 km/h but did not mention anything about the possibly consequences. Can they take my driving licence away? Is it legal to send such letter in Czech instead of my native language?


    • DenisCZ
      17.06.2022 @ 19:49

      Good day,

      The reason why you could not solve the whole matter on the spot is inscribed directly in the Road Traffic Act No. 361/2000 Coll., specifically in the provision of § 125c paragraph 8: The offense for which the driving ban is imposed according to this law

      And for this offense, sanctions are imposed in administrative proceedings before the administrative body of the City of Ostrava in the amount of CZK 5,000-10,000 (according to the current exchange rate of 200 to 400 EUR), 5 points and a ban on driving in the range of 6 to 12 months, normally 6 months. Thus, the offense cannot be resolved on the spot and has been transferred to administrative proceedings.

      As for the language in which administrative proceedings may be conducted, Act No. 500/2004 Coll., The Administrative Procedure Code, bears this in mind:

      § 16
      Official language

      (1) The proceedings are conducted and the documents are prepared in the Czech language. The participants in the proceedings may act and the documents may also be submitted in the Slovak language.

      (2) Documents prepared in a foreign language must be submitted by the party to the proceedings in the original version and at the same time in an officially certified translation into the Czech language, unless the administrative body informs the party that it does not require such a translation. Such a statement may be made by the administrative authority on its official board for an indefinite number of proceedings in the future.

      (3) Anyone who declares that he does not speak the language of the proceedings shall have the right to an interpreter entered on the list of interpreters, whom he shall procure at his own expense. In the application procedure, an applicant who is not a citizen of the Czech Republic will procure an interpreter at his / her own expense, unless otherwise provided by law.

      (4) A citizen of the Czech Republic belonging to a national minority who traditionally and for a long time lives in the territory of the Czech Republic has the right to file before the administrative body and to act in the language of his national minority. If the administrative body does not have an official who knows the language of the national minority, this citizen will obtain an interpreter registered in the list of interpreters. The costs of interpretation and the costs of obtaining a translation in this case shall be borne by the administrative authority.

      (5) The administrative body shall appoint a Czech Sign Language interpreter for deaf users of Czech Sign Language in accordance with a special law. It will appoint an intermediary for a deaf person who prefers the Czech language, who is able to communicate with them using communication systems based on the Czech language of their own choice.

      A deafblind person will be appointed as an intermediary who is able to communicate with them using the communication systems of deaf and deafblind people of their own choice. The mediator is appointed under the same conditions as the Czech sign language interpreter. The administrative body issues a resolution on the appointment of an interpreter or mediator, which is notified only to the persons concerned.


  12. NIcolae
    04.05.2022 @ 13:04

    How do I pay a speed fine from the Czech Republic?


    • DenisCZ
      17.06.2022 @ 19:35

      Do you mean payment for a request to pay a specified amount from a stationary radar / section measurement without the participation of a physical patrol or payment by voucher for a fine imposed on the spot?

      In the first case, the stated amount, account number, variable symbol, IBAN, SWIFT code are on this call.

      In the latter case, the same should be stated on the voucher.

      Then there is only payment on the spot by order, but you will pay in cash / by card and you will only receive a confirmation in the form of a penalty block.


  13. Nes
    04.03.2022 @ 17:13



    • DenisCZ
      07.04.2022 @ 23:11

      No legal chance. The only one who can look up at names by the license plate are police and administrative municipal in cases of fines/penalties from speed cameras at abroad by the system EUROCARIS.


  14. Marlon
    31.10.2021 @ 09:20

    I got stop by a Czech police then undergo a breathalyzer test and score 0.11 the police told me it was okay but they take my drivers license and I sign a receipt I dont know what kind of receipt is that then they give back my drivers license without fine. Is there a possibility that they give me a points of my drivers license without telling me?


    • DenisCZ
      30.01.2022 @ 12:29

      No there is no legal chance to give you a restriction points to your driver card for 0,11 promile from breathanalyzer test. The minimum breathable amount of alcohol must be 0,25 per mille in order to demonstrate at least 0,01 per mille so that the person concerned is eligible for a non-zero blood alcohol level. 0.24 includes 0.2 per mille, the possible physiological value of blood alcohol that the body can produce on its own, and the Dräger 7510 device deviation – 0.04 per mille.


    • DenisCZ
      17.06.2022 @ 20:22

      !!! But you must not admit to drinking alcohol while driving and before driving at a time when you might still be under his influence !!!


  15. Lait
    18.08.2021 @ 21:36

    Dear community,

    I have a question about unmarked police cars in CZ. Do police provoke drivers to speed? For example go very fast and then capture with radars followers? In general, do they have radars from the back of their cars or only front of the car?



    • TeamSpeeding
      03.09.2021 @ 15:49


      yes, sometimes cops do indeed try to provoke drivers.

      For example, imagine a situation where you’re driving on a highway, and the right lane is full of cars driving below the speed limit with barely any space between them. You’re driving 130km/h (the speed limit) in the left lane and suddenly a car comes up behind you, right up close, which usually means that they want to pass you. In order not to be inconsiderate, you speed up so you can pass the “convoy” of cars in the right lane and get out of the way of the car behind you. After you speed up, the car behinds you turns on its beacons and pulls you over for speeding.

      As for radar placement, they always have a radar hidden behind the front grille. The practice of placing a radar in the back of a minivan (like a VW Transporter) common in Germany is non-existent in CZ. If the police are measuring speed from a stationary car, it’ll either be the same as mentioned above, or they’ll have a laser pistol – either outside the car on a tripod with the car usually parked paralel to the road, or aiming it out of the side window with the car parked perpendicular to the road.


      • Rudolf
        19.06.2023 @ 14:19

        It´s not true any more. Police have unmarked BMW 5 Touring 540i cars since 2022, which could use the radar from the back as well. And they have almost no details, how to easily recognise them, like the older VW Passat or Skoda Octavia/Superb.


  16. Ben
    05.05.2020 @ 07:52

    How long does offense deducted points stays in my records before it  gets deleted or erased?



    • DenisCZ
      15.10.2020 @ 13:09

      Simply one answer: -4 points are deducted for each year without an traffic offense for which points are added. Even you will can make a save driving training on the polygon in Czech republic and get -3 points. It costs around 4 000,- Kč = € 155.

      Dificult one by originaly law (only by Google translator, I am lazy 🙂 ):
      § 123e
      Subtraction of points

      . having the characteristics of a misdemeanor or a punishment for a criminal offense committed by an act included in the scoring,

      a) for a period of 12 consecutive calendar months, 4 points shall be deducted from the total number of points achieved,

      (b) for 24 consecutive calendar months, 4 points shall be deducted from the total number of points remaining after deducting the points referred to in point (a);

      (c) for 36 consecutive calendar months, all remaining points shall be deducted.

      As of this date, the relevant municipal authority of the municipality with extended powers shall make an entry in the register of drivers on the deduction of points from the achieved number of points determined by the driver, no later than 3 working days from the day when the driver became entitled to deduct points.

      (2) Drivers shall also be deducted points scored on the basis of a final decision on

      (a) the offense or criminal offense following the final annulment of this Decision; or

      (b) conditional postponement of the filing of a motion for punishment or conditional cessation of criminal proceedings, unless the criminal proceedings in which the proceedings were continued have convicted the driver of a criminal offense committed by the conduct included in the scoring.

      (3) During the execution of a sentence or administrative sentence of a ban on activities consisting in a ban on driving motor vehicles, or during the probationary period of conditional suspension of a petition for punishment or conditional cessation of criminal proceedings, deduction of points in accordance with paragraph 1.

      (4) The competent municipal authority of the municipality with extended powers shall also make an entry in the register of drivers on the deduction of 3 points from the achieved number of points to the driver who submitted a written request for the deduction of points, and

      a) substantiated the application with a confirmation of the completed training of safe driving in a safe driving center according to a special legal regulation4), which is not older than 1 month from the submission of the application, and

      (b) at the date of completion of the safe driving training at the safe driving center, no more than 10 points have been recorded in the register of drivers for infringements, valued at less than 6 points.

      (5) The competent authority of the municipality with extended powers shall make a record of the deduction of points as of the date of completion of the training in the safe driving center, no later than within 3 working days from the submission of the application. The competent authority of the municipality with extended powers may record the deduction of points to the driver on the basis of a certificate of completed safe driving training only once a calendar year.

      (6) The deduction of all 12 recorded points shall be notified in writing to the driver by the relevant municipal authority of the municipality with extended powers no later than 5 working days from the day on which the record of the deduction of points was made in the register of drivers.


  17. Paskel Andazz
    17.12.2019 @ 16:04

    How much time does the Magistrát in CR have to notify a fine. I got fined for illegal parking in June and they sent me the fine only by the end of December, is there an expiry date for notification?


    • DenisCZ
      24.02.2020 @ 00:55

      Since July 1, 2017, there is new Act of Offences and Proceedings on Offences, no. 250/2016 Coll. Until one year after offence, the administrative authority (municipality – magistrát/městský úřad) must initiate an offense proceedings or issue an offense order and impose a fine and end of proceeding. (ATTENTION !!! – The call for payment of a specified amount is not the initiation of an administrative procedure, but a kind of petition – pay and we forget that something has happened – a legal bribe). If he does not, the offense is done. If the proceedings are then commenced within one year, then the time-limit is restarted and a new time-limit begins to run, by which time it must take a decision that the person is guilty. The deadline restarts again. If the accused appeals the offense, the appellate body must decide again within one year of the guilty decision and confirm the decision. However, if it annuls the decision due to a defect in the decision, then the administrative authority of the first instance again runs the period of one year to issue a corrective decision. The maximum time to end an agenda administration is 3 years by the law.

      If the appellate body decides that the decision is in order, then the offender has 2 months to bring an administrative action before the court and has the right to file a suspensive effect of this decision, which must be duly substantiated and the court may or may not comply.


      • Kaki
        21.01.2022 @ 23:27

        Hi Denis,

        On average, how long does ir take to receive a notification/fine in Czech Republic?


        • DenisCZ
          30.01.2022 @ 12:24

          Hello Kaki,

          it depends on which administrative district the administrative body is. And do you mean a request for payment of a specified amount (legal bribe) or direct initiation of administrative proceedings with the owner/operator of the vehicle? As for the first case, it usually takes from two weeks to two months. In the latter case, it is very different. The administrative authority must identify the driver within 60 days of the offense being committed. If he does not find it, then he can only start the administrative proceedings. Sometimes, however, this administrative procedure does not start within a year (which is the limitation period). This mainly concerns many busy large cities – especially Prague. But otherwise it can be any period from 60 days from the commission of the offense to one year from the offense.

  18. Vic
    26.10.2019 @ 09:12

    Will there be any follow-up if I don’t pay a speed ticket? I am not living in Czech republic.


    • DenisCZ
      24.02.2020 @ 00:32

      Probably not, the authorities in the Czech Republic are overloeaded by the offense agenda. It is very unlikely that if you do not pay for the sum requested pursuant to Section 125h of Act No. 361/2000 Coll., The Road Traffic Act, it is possible to proceed with the vehicle operator pursuant to Section 125f, where the fine is usually higher, but the less likely this payment is. The best way is to write that someone was driving as a real person  living in abroad, not real driver. First name, surname, birth, permanent residence are sufficient. The possibility of recovery of such amount is zero, the call for payment under § 125h has no legal effect. Another interesting fact is that the continuation of proceedings is subject to the obligation to communicate with a foreigner in his / her native language, which is an additional unbearable burden for the administrative authority. They can shave many obedient Czech sheeps before they deal with one resisting foreigner. 🙂


      • DenisCZ
        24.02.2020 @ 00:35

        Especially in the Prague. Where did the camera catch you during a traffic offense?


  19. DenisCZ
    26.02.2019 @ 02:15

    Most likely nothing. In the vast majority of cases, hidden vehicles in police vehicles stop the measured vehicles immediately. In the absolute minimum, only domestic citizens are being sent a call, where the police or an administrative body tries to find out who is driving the vehicle from the vehicle owner. Thereafter starting administrative procedure with vehicle owner or the driver will be commenced if he admits driving and if the guilty person is found guilty, he or she will have to pay fine. However, this applies only to citizens of the Czech Republic. European system – EUCARIS border enforcement fines system in the Czech Republic do not work so far and fines are only sent to Czech vehicle owners, not to foreigners abroad. In addition, only in case stationary radars offenses. But no one knows how long this will work, it is likely that this will change in the future and the authorities will send to foreign operators as well. For example, according to the web resource below, it is only (since August 2018) sent to neighboring states vehicle owners – 18,300 Slovak and 16,300 Polen. So if your car on UK licence plate has measured by hidden designed police car and they has not stopped you, I am sure you can be absolutely stay in calm.

    I apologize for my poor knowledge of English. 🙂

    Read more (in Czech) at:


  20. David
    14.11.2018 @ 21:49

    I have an UK license plate and I’ve been flashed by a speed radar from patrolling police car — what will happen now? Will they enforce the law by sending it to UK authorities or is this rather unlikely?


  21. Syed
    11.04.2018 @ 10:51

    hi anass you have to pay it by bank transfer which the police officer should have given you a paper for, which should have the account number written on it.


  22. Anass
    22.03.2018 @ 07:23

    How do i pay a traffic ticket online?


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