Published 24.5.2004 | Last update 21.1.2017

Ireland switched to the metric system, from miles to kilometers in 2005. But they still drive on the wrong side of the road.

The important numbers :
Limit – km/h
50 80 100 120
Fine +21km/h €80 €80 €80 €80
Fine +41km/h €80 €80 €80 €80
1) Licenses are not withdrawn with specific limits in Ireland, only through penalty points or a court
Ireland differs from other countries on two points:

  • There is a fixed fine of €20 for all speed violations at any speed in all zones – until they bring you to court.
  • You will lose your license only if you have reached 12 penalty points or are convicted by a court for careless driving. A police officer will never confiscate your license on the spot.

Please comment below if this is not correct.

Ireland seems to be filled with speed cameras. There are 727 speed camera zones across the country. The Garda (national police) has more information and have marked their location on a map.
It is forbidden to carry any instrument that hinders the policework (radar warners, laser jammers, ..) Conviction on first offence is punishable by a fine of €200, second offence by €450.
The standard fine of €80 has to be paid within 28 days. After that the fine will increase to €120. If you don’t pay within 56 days you will be summoned to court, get 4 penalty points and may have to up to €800.
Ireland in detail :
Violation Fine (Euro) Points
+ 2 km/h and more €80(1 3
LICENSE(2 only through penalty points or a court order
1) €1200 if paid after 28 days, court and 4 points after 56 days
2) Licenses not withdrawn with specific limits in Ireland, only through penalty points or a court.
Fines and reactions may change without any warnings.
About points:

In Ireland you start with zero points. Any point you get will last for 3 years. After 12 points your license is withdrawn unconditionally for 6 months.
More on Irish points at the official Citizens Information web. There is a complete list of all the offences at the Irish AA.

Some Irish penalty points:
Offence Points Fine
Speeding 3 €80
Holding a mobile phone while driving 3 €80
Crossing continuous white line 2 €80
Failure to obey traffic lights 2 €80
Driving a vehicle on a motorway against the flow of traffic 2 €80
Breach of duties at an accident 5 court

source: the Irish AA


  1. Mike
    15.01.2023 @ 02:10

    Ticket amount has increased from €80 to €160 now.


  2. Doc
    10.04.2021 @ 14:26

    Also “careless driving” is a catch-all – it is your word against the Garda’s (Irish police) and unless you can PROVE otherwise the court will take the Garda’s version.

    There is also a less serious infringement called “Driving without due care” – again a catch-all!


  3. Doc
    10.04.2021 @ 14:23

    “Ireland seems to be filled with speed cameras. There are 727 speed camera zones across the country.” – not quite correct. these are potential spots for speed cameras that the police have labelled as black spots. most do not have checks most of the time. Also, you can get checks appearing at any other spot at any time – so the “datbase” is essentially useless!


  4. Tom01
    04.03.2019 @ 15:01

    Hello, does anyone know if there is a minimum period within which a Fixed Penalty Notice must be issued to the registered keeper of the vehicle.  I know in the UK it is 14 days but can find no reference to a time period when it comes to Republic of Ireland.  Thanks.


    • Vh
      06.03.2021 @ 16:47

      Ticket has to issue within 107 days


  5. Ester
    04.02.2018 @ 23:01

    Hi, I have a question about past incidents in case anyone should know.. A couple of years ago my bf got a fine for driving too fast in Ireland. He was driving a rental car and by the time the rental company contacted him, he was already back in his country. He never paid the penalty.
    How many years before the incident is written off (if there is any such thing)?


  6. jimmy fay
    28.04.2017 @ 08:53

    If we don’t drive on the wrong side of the road we will likely crash into people from the UK province of Northern Ireland .


  7. Tom
    20.01.2017 @ 16:51

    It’s no longer 2 penalty points for holding a mobile phone while driving it is 3 penalty points and a 80 € fine and for speeding it is 3 penalty points and a 80 € fine it used to be 2 penalty points and a 60 € fine but that’s changed to 3 penalty points and a 80 € fine .


    • SpeedingEurope Team
      21.01.2017 @ 23:22

      Thank you, Tom 🙂
      The info on Ireland is now corrected.


      • jj
        19.05.2023 @ 18:38

        Ireland drives on the “left-hand side” of the road. All cars are right-hand drive (same as UK, AUS, JAPAN, etc). This is not the “WRONG” side of the road it. This is bad grammar & confusing! Please fix. If you drive on the wrong side of the road here you will go to prison or have a large crash!


        • Ray Guy
          18.05.2024 @ 16:12

          Roughly 30% of the world’s countries and territories are LHT nations, comprising about 35% of the global population and roughly one-quarter of the world’s roadways. By comparison, the 160+ countries and territories that drive on the right and hew to RHT guidelines include 65% of the population and 75% of the roadways. That said – the OP was only trying to inject a bit of humor.

  8. Thomas
    21.12.2016 @ 15:30

    Hi just to let you no if you are caught holding a mobile phone while driving you will get 3 penalty points and a 80€ fine .  Not 2 penalty points 3 penalty points for holding a mobile phone while driving. And also you have only got 7 penalty points within the first 2 years off holding your full license and if you get 7 penalty points you will lose your license for 6 months . Your license can only get 7 penalty points and then lose it for 6 months after you have had your license for 2 years you can then get up to 12 penalty points until banned for 6 months and points stay on the license for 3 years from date off offense also if you get banned for 6 months after a. Ban your license is cleaned from points and you start fresh with no penalty points.


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