Best radar detector for Europe in 2024

We gathered and reviewed the best radar detectors for European drivers, here is all you need to know to pick the right one.

We have thoroughly tested the best portable radar detectors on the European market and sorted the ones that actually work. This is not another affiliate article suggesting outdated and unsuitable detectors for challenging European roads, we prepared this list with experts in the field to help you with all you need to know while choosing the right detector.

Radar detectors are getting more popular

Speed traps, section speed cameras, and undercover police cars are getting more and more common around European cities. It gets to the point where you may even pay more attention to your speedometer and speed cameras around you than the actual road itself. It’s distracting, isn’t it?

That’s where modern radar detectors steps in, they are meant to inform, provide information on what’s around you, and take the stress from getting expensive fines in your mailbox.  Radar detectors simply help you to focus on what matters.

What you need to know before buying a radar detector:


Even though radar detectors do not interfere with police work, they are not legal everywhere. Check our country list to find out more information in your specific county.

It may not work in your car

Not every car is suitable for a window-mounted radar detector, more and more cars are equipped with special athermic windows that block 95% of the radar signal, making the detector unusable. Check if your car is not equipped with an athermic, metal-plated windshield. You can tell by just looking at it (Best with polarized sunglasses) it has either, green, blue, magenta, or purple tone. You can also contact your car dealer and ask. If this is your case, you will need to get a built-in, custom-installed radar detector, mounted behind the front bumper, the current number one on the market is the GENEVO PRO II system.

Radar detector is not really a laser detector

Radar detectors are effective against radars and stationary cameras using its GPS database, but not so much against laser guns, why? Because of the laser technology itself, there is nothing that bounces back to the policeman. When he aims the extremely narrow laser beam at your car’s registration plate, he already sees your speed at the very same moment, not giving many chances to your windshield mounted detector and therefore to you, to slow down. Solution? Custom-installed laser Protection preferably in a set with a built-in radar detector.

False alert filtering is as important as good detections

Range is not the most important factor when choosing a radar detector. There is nothing more annoying than when your radar detector goes off for no apparent reason. This is caused by a nearby different radar source than the actual police signal. There are many possible sources like BSM (blind-spot monitoring), ACC (Adaptive cruise control), or even automatic doors at gas stations. A modern radar detector must be able to effectively filter all unwanted signals, otherwise, you are going to hate it.

Let’s now  jump into the list
of best portable radar detectors for European roads:

Size does not always matter

Number 1 for entire Europe:


Buy for 799€

First on the list is deservedly the GENEVO MAX from the leading Czech company GENEVO is specifically designed for all European radars, including MultaRadars or the latest GATSO RT4 radars used in Western Europe.

MAX is equipped with the latest and regularly updated false alert filtering system, providing quiet rides without annoying alerts to BSMs or ACC systems in modern vehicles. 

Its GPS database is by far the most extensive and Genevo issues monthly free updates for the entire Europe. If you feel like some radars are missing just send the location to Genevo and they will add it into the database.

On top of that, GENEVO MAX comes with some nice technologies like full RDD invisibility (Police Radar detector detectors used in some countries) Gesture control, auto-brightness, auto volume, legalization mode, or variable holder so the detector can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Radar detections are flawless and we could rely on this detector the entire time – it’s what the reviews say anyway.


  • Reliable 360° detections of all known radars
  • Free monthly updated GPS database
  • Best false alert filtering we have seen
  • Comfort technologies
  • Fast customer support


  • More expensive
  • Looks luxurious so you better take it off while parked
  • Does not detect X-band (used in some eastern countries)

2nd best overall:


Buy for 599€

GENEVO ONE M is the smallest detector on the market that can safely detect modern 3D radars like the GATSO RT4.

ONE M is one of the most popular choices by European drivers thanks to its discreetness. Super compact size comes together with full RDD immunity, making it the go-to choice for countries where legality is the issue. We also liked the “legalization mode” in which the detector only shows your current speed, so you don’t get in trouble with a curious police officer.

Regardless of the size, ONE M is equipped with a powerful radar antenna that is capable of long-range 360° detections of all modern radars, giving you enough time to slow down. Just like the GENEVO MAX, ONE M has the same lifetime free and monthly updated GPS database of all European speed traps, which is very precise, giving it a huge advantage over its competitors.

False alert filtering is outstanding as Genevo updates its filters regularly, with the right setting this detector is extremely quiet and we are not surprised why is ONE M one of the best-selling detectors in Europe, well deserved second place.


  • Superbly discreet
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Outstanding False alert filtering
  • Free monthly updated GPS database


  • The windshield holder is a bit tacky
  • Does not detect X-band (used in some eastern countries)

3rd place:

ESCORT MAX 360C International

Buy for 699€

Right after Genevo ONE M placed the ESCORT MAX 360c in the International version (made for the EU market). 

MAX 360 has two radar antennas and directional arrows that give you the advantage of knowing exactly where the signal is coming from. 

Ka-band detections are very good, there is always plenty of time to safely slow down if necessary. We also like the OLED display that is easy to read and the big buttons.

ESCORT MAX 360c is also equipped with built-in wifi so you can connect to a special ESCORT app, however, the app is not supported in Europe.

What we did not like that much is ESCORT´s GPS database which is not that accurate, some radars and cameras are missing or it alerts to the ones that are long gone. 

Another disadvantage is that it does not support the modern MultaRadars and GATSO RT3/RT4 radars. These new 3D radars are popping up around Europe and we can expect them to show more and more. Because of this and a lacking RDD invisibility, 3d place for MAX 360c.


  • Well built radar detector
  • Directional arrows
  • comes with a handy case


  • GPS database has flaws
  • Does not detect modern 3D radars
  • Complicated update procedure
  • Too many false alerts on Laser

4th place


Buy for 699€

Valentine ONE V1 is a well-known detector in the field, Its first version first came up in 1992 and it received only now an updated version – the Gen 2. The new generation comes in a nice magnesium body, hiding two antennas inside, which enables you to know where exactly is the signal coming from.

Starting with the Ka-band and K-band detection, the range is outstanding and there is no problem whatsoever. Valentine was also always good in laser detection, however, there are quite a lot of false alerts when you enable the laser, so we turned it off for the rest of the test.
False alerts are also an issue here in Europe, especially with modern vehicles, we believe the performance in the States is much better since it was developed primarily for the US market.

The biggest downsize of Valentine ONE V1 – Gen 2 is a completely missing GPS support and 3D radar detection. You are not going to be alerted to any speed traps, section speed cameras, or modern GATSO radars and MultaRadars in undercover cars, that’s why Valentine takes the 4th place.


  • Directional arrows
  • Acompaniing valentine app
  • Long-range K, Ka-band detections


  • Does not support GPS
  • Does not detect modern 3D radars
  • Laser false alerts
  • Reliability issues

5th place

Escort Redline EX – international

Buy for 655€

ESCORT Redline EX in the International version offers a dual antenna design resulting in reliable detections of K and Ka-band radars and full RDD invisibility. The bright OLED display is well-readable in all light conditions.

Redline EX suffers from the same disadvantages as the ESCORT MAX 360c, its GPS database is inaccurate with a lot of missing points, and modern 3D radars are also not supported. False alerts filters are not very effective against the newest cars on European roads and the detector goes off for no reason quite often.

Redline EX International is a solid detector that unfortunately does not bring a lot new to the table, we also did not like its enormous size and weight, therefore 5th place.


  • Comes with a case
  • RDD invisible 
  • X-band detection (not tested)


  • Big and heavy
  • GPS database has flaws
  • Does not detect modern 3D radars
  • Complicated update procedure

6th place

Uniden R7

Buy for 899€

Uniden R7 is an American high-performance radar detector with leading long-range detections on K and Ka-band radars. Why is it in the last place then? 

We indicated that in the first sentence, it’s been specifically made for the US market where it works like a charm but it is not exactly suitable for the European market. 

We encountered many false alerts with various settings, even on automatic doors at gas stations. The GPS database needs a lot of work but Uniden never meant this product for the EU market, so you can’t count on any support here either.

Because of all that plus the lacking detection of GATSO RT4 and given its high price, Uniden R7 just doesn’t make a lot of sense here in the EU.


  • Long-range K and Ka-band detections
  • Big OLED display


  • False alerts
  • GPS database is far from accurate
  • Lack of support in the EU market
  • Price


Saving does not always pay off

Are you asking why there are no budget radar detectors on the list? The title of the article suggests it, we are looking for the best of best, and from our experience, there isn’t really a point in trying to save money on a Radar detector, here it fits more than elsewhere that saving does not always pay off. Go for the winner, for a verified choice and you will not be disappointed.